Author Topic: Fort Wars 5.0 for AOE3 Definitive Edition  (Read 3837 times)


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Fort Wars 5.0 for AOE3 Definitive Edition
« on: January 27, 2022, 08:49:01 PM »
I've taken some time to revive Fort Wars, so it now works on the Definitive Edition.  This also marks the 16th year since the first official release on January 28, 2006 and is a nice anniversary/send-off for the map.  Thanks everyone for their support over the years.  This (and the original Norse Wars game) made up a significant part of my childhood growing up, and there have been many good memories.

Download Fort Wars 5.0 for AOE3 DE below (or by going to Tools > Mods ingame):

We'll be having a kick-off event Saturday Jan.29 2022 2:00PM PST on live-stream to get everyone playing again and will hopefully make that a regular occurrence. Check back here and follow @NorseWars on Twitter for updates.  I'll probably be hosting games and hanging around online even before then, so feel free to add me.  It helps that AOE3 is old enough now that it is cheap (only $7) to download and install - if only just to play Fort Wars. :P The ladder doesn't work on AOE3 DE yet, so DE can be treated as unranked while formal ranked matches can be played on the older Fort Wars 4.1 for AOE3 (2007)/Complete on Steam (yes it still works!).

Lastly, I will also be working on turning this into a standalone game starting this year, so be on the lookout for that too.  Feel free to follow the progress via @NorseWars on Twitter, and I welcome all the help I can get to get that off the ground.

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