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Fort Wars (Age of Empires 3) / Re: Some issues
« on: May 12, 2011, 06:44:32 AM »
I know the problem: people start from the map you made, edit it, put their own name on it and call it "fort wars 8.0" or something like that. Many of the naive noobs playing the game believe that, the higher the number behind the name, the better the game. I have always tried to promote the real version (because it is simply much better than the cheap copies) but often people wouldnt buy it. They say: 'oh, dont you have "the newest" version?'...

I just hope that the people will notice when they are playing quality, and when they are playing crap; and I will always be there to promote the real fort wars.

Fort Wars (Age of Empires 3) / Re: Fort Wars 4.0 for TWC+TAD
« on: May 09, 2011, 06:31:30 AM »
I tried it again and now it works! It looks wonderful again  ;) great job

Fort Wars (Age of Empires 3) / Re: Fort Wars 4.0 for TWC+TAD
« on: May 07, 2011, 06:39:49 AM »
I tried the game and it works! However, when people join, they don't seem to be able to download the map. Not even when I press custom maps and select fort wars a second time...

Fort Wars (Age of Empires 3) / Re: Fort Wars 4.0 for TWC+TAD
« on: May 06, 2011, 07:23:45 AM »
I'm so glad there is finally a fort wars version for TAD! I've been waiting for this day to come for several years! Great to have you back pftq, and I must say, i really love your maps.
However, when i tried to play the new Fort Wars yesterday, i had the same problem as the other guys. First of all it didnt download by entering the game, not even when you click custom maps again and then reselect Fort Wars. I eventually downloaded it from your website. Secondly, when i started the game it just showed a black map and all the players had abandoned their colony, it was exactly the same for a mate of mine...
But I have no doubt that this problem will be fixed, and I'm looking forward to start playing Fort Wars again. If you need someone to help you testing, just ask me.



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